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What skimboard tricks should I learn first?

What skimboard tricks should I learn first? Im good at riding it what should I learn to do now and I dont have an expensive board or grip pads


i'm almost going sponsered by zap i first started out with learning to run then hop on the board
next i tried a 360 and 720 eventually till i think its a 1570 i dont know but start with the 360

basically you just try to place your finger on the sand frcing your skimboard to go around in a cycle motion

then start to hop the waves

you skimboard into the wave just as you hit the wave push down on your backfoot then move your front foot up then walaa

then the pop shove it
push down on your back foot giving your foot pop then while your back of the skimboard is in the air kick your foot backward then quickly jump up and move your feet close to the center of the flying board and walaa

Padded Grip

HSGI (High Speed Gear) Sure-Grip Padded Belt/ Bridge Mounting Platform

The Correct Golf Grip and 5 Ways To Get It

When you pick up a golf club your hands are the only part of your body that touch the club. For a long time the hands (grip) have often been referred to as the steering wheel of the golf swing. This certainly does ring true because gripping the golf club correctly makes playing this game a much better experience.

Gripping the golf club is a unique thing for everyone that plays golf. There are no two grips alike and you can only find what works for you through hitting golf balls. In this article I will guide you on finding the correct golf grip, but ultimately, results on the golf course can be a much better guide than me.

The Grip – The Left Hand

1.  Place the golf club up in your left hand so that the golf club goes across the left palm - from the base of the forefinger to the pad above the pinkie.

2.  Now, hold the handle steady with your left fingers and wrap your palm around the top of the grip.

When playing golf we start with the correct golf grip because it does more to effect actual ball flight than anything else in the game. It's the foundation of the swing, and a quick fix for those of you that struggle with unreliable ball flight.

The more you grip the golf club in the fingers, the faster you can swing the golf club and if you grip the golf club further up in the palm, the slower the golf club will travel. If you are slicing the golf ball, you will want to move the grip more into the base of the fingers and if you are hooking the golf ball you will want to move the grip more into the palm area higher up in the left hand.

The Grip – The Right Hand

Now that the left hand is in place you are going to place the right hand on the golf club.

3.  Bring your right hand towards the bottom of your left hand

4. Fold your right hand around the fingers of your left hand

5.  Both palms MUST face each other

Congratulations, you have now GRIPPED the golf club. The placement of the hands on the golf club controls what the clubface will do during the golf swing and ultimately what the clubface will look like at impact.

The Grip Pressure

OK, you have found the correct golf grip but there is one last item we need to sort out. The amount of pressure you apply to the club plays a major role in how you swing the golf club. The tighter you grip the club the slower your arms will swing and the longer the clubface will take to release in the downswing (causing a slice). This is a good thing if you HOOK the golf ball. This will definitely stop the ball from curving from right to left. On the other hand if you have problems SLICING the golf ball this amount of grip pressure will make the ball slice more.

If you are struggling with slicing the golf ball, you will have to hold the golf club like you were holding a baby's hand. Hold the club gently and the lighter you grip the golf club the faster it will swing and the quicker the club will release in the downswing. If you do not have any problems with the ball curving (hooking or slicing), you have found the correct amount of grip pressure.

I hope that by having the correct golf grip you will see major differences in your game. Instead of chasing your ball in the rough from your hook or slice you will be able to head straight for the fairways which will give you a better position to hit from and give you the confidence to beat your score almost every round. For more information on improving your golf game you can go here.

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