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What happens when non-absorbable sutures were not completely removed?

I had bunion surgery on my foot about 6 weeks ago. There was an incision about 3 inches long so it had to be stitched up. Two weeks after surgery the stitches were removed. However, I discovered last night that there was a blue thread sticking out from beside my big toe. It appeared to be part of the suture that was used to close the incision. I tried but couldn't pull it out without causing greater pain. It has been so long since the surgery that I'm afraid it'll be difficult to remove. I'm scheduled to see the doctor in 3 days for a follow-up so hopefully he'll be able to fix the problem. Will there be any bad effects to my foot?


Eventually it would get infected, since it is porous and goes from the outside of your filthy foot to the inside...


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In spite of large popularity their, there are so many problems to closure with this type that associated. The polypropylene suture has the strangulate tissue tendency and to the blood supply compromises to the cuts edges. This may be problematic if is under tension of closure or if there is amount of significant edema. The tissue involved will heal much lightly and may be to infection so many subjects. Further, within the sutures hair follicles incorporated and may be shed and may be permanent about this hair loss. Finally, non-absorbable sutures or an ethicon sutures although synthetic have a problem of reactivity of low tissue; this is because on the wound a mechanical inflammation is any tension if there.

When you minimize the strangulation tissue, a polypropylene suture or a running suture can be used with the placed of bites are very close to the edges of wound. However, with this technique the problem is that, as progress of healing, the suture make buried immediately and traumatic to remove with difficulty. The removal issues of circumvent that are absorbable in the cutaneous running stitch have been normally used.

To close wounds or cuts, every physician has wanted Ethicon sutures for 3000 years at least. An ancient Egypt show Archaeological records is that Egyptians used to close wounds a linen and sinew of different types of animals. In ancient India, all Indian physicians used ants to wounds shut staple and also used the beetle's pincers; they are actually leaving their jaws, like staples in place and before it, cut the insects' bodies off. So many other natural materials that are used to full wounds and close all types of cuts are like pig brittles, hair, flax, grass, silk, cotton and animal gut.

Unfortunately, the absorbable sutures like Ethicon sutures that are commonly and mostly used in chromic, guts, Dixon and Vicryl all incite a considerable on the skin reaction inflammatory and this inflammation along the suture line can be associated with alopecia permanently. Poliglecaprone 25 has been seen to be non-allergenic and a non-toxic without giving a potential in hemolytic and phylogenic types. By the body monocryl the material of synthetic is broken down slowly with hydrolysis and so they incite few reaction of inflammatory into the skin. The reduction of Monocycle in the strength of tensile, as like it is much over time absorbed, and with the requirements of is consistent of many hairs surgery of transplant procedures four or a five.

The perfect and ideal suture has been handle easily and should be strong and secure form knots. The ideal closure of wound or a cut should surely ensure homeostasis, and who have a little risk of small infection, for the patient be comfortable, and take result surgical scar in a fine style.

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