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Medical Supply Stores

If you need medical supplies of any kind and want to find the lowest prices available, then you should consider allowing Southeastern Medical Supply to become your store of choice. No matter if you need to purchase a fingertip pulse oximeter for your home or office or if you need a nebulizer machine to assist you in breathing easier, you will find them and much more at this South Carolina-based company.

Even if an insurance company is footing part of the bill, the staff at Southeastern Medical Supply realizes that customers want to save money on the purchase of oxygen monitor finger devices, blood pressure monitors and more. This is the reason the prices are low at this website as the staff wants to gain the trust of customers just like you who are in need of medical supplies but whom wish to purchase them as cheaply as possible.

The Monthly Web Specials feature allows you to find tremendous savings on closeouts, limited quantity and factory over-stock items. The professionals at this company do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to quality. Within the product line offered, you will find many of the best brand names in the medical supply market at prices far less that what is charged elsewhere. From hospital grade fingertip pulse oximeter devices to blood pressure cuffs ideal for doctor office use, only the best is offered so that you get the quality you need and deserve.

A fingertip pulse oximeter such as the very popular, FDA-approved CMS Model 50-DL would cost you $49.95 at most medical supply stores but you can pick it up for just $39.95 at Southeastern Medical Supply. This particular model features a pulse bar indicator, LED screen, low battery indicator and simple operation. It can be used outdoors, at high altitudes and at extreme temperatures. It offers thirty hours of continuous operation and comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty. It is lightweight, inexpensive and answers the doctor, medical, sports and aviation markets' demand for measuring SPO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate while partaking in physical activity or while at high altitudes.

Thousands of people across the United States turn to Southeastern Medical Supplies when they need nebulizers, thermometers, pulse oximeters and more. Orders are processed quickly and shipped out usually within twenty-four hours of being placed. It is not longer necessary to drive all around town from one medical supply store to the next to find great deals as you can simply shop from the convenience of your home and cash in on tremendous savings, a wide selection and outstanding customer service.

If you are a member of a health care plan or have health insurance, the staff at Southeastern Medical Supply may be able to help you to get either fully or partially reimbursed for your medical supply purchase. There is an 'Insurance Document Package and Checklist' on the website that you can complete and submit to the insurance department at Southeastern either by fax, email or regular mail. Once your documents are received, you will be contacted to verify your information and the process with your insurance company will begin. While there is no guarantee given that you will be reimbursed, you do have the assurance of knowing that the trained staff will do their best in getting your items paid for your by insurance carrier.

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Medical Supply Stores

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Where can I buy personal medical supplies in Germany?

Hello -

I am traveling to Germany in a month and I need to know where to buy personal medical supplies in Germany - i.e., a medical supply store in the US. I will need colostomy and incontinence products.

I don't need specific stores - but what is the name of the stores? I don't think Apothecaries will carry what I need. If you need of specific places in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich - that would be great.




Most bigger stores carry an incontinency product for ladies called "tena lady". It is for mild incontinency and can be found among the tampons and monthly hygiene pads.

If this doesn't help you, try a "Sanitätshaus".

Here is the search result for Munich:

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